Important Changes to In-Person Learning

Dear PS 101 Families-

As per Mayoral directive, we have been exploring ways to increase in-person learning for our blended students who are attending in-person instruction at PS 101.

While this may take some further shifting of staff or the teacher your child has, we have found a way to increase the amount of days of in-person learning and in some cases offer 5 days a week instruction for specific Grades and some classes.

What happens next?

Starting January 4, 2020, We will be moving students from an ABC model to an AB model, which means that instead of coming in-person 1-2 days a week, your child will be coming 2-3 days every week, and in some cases, all 5 days. Because of the sudden shift, we may not be able to ensure siblings are coming on the same days nor that we can offer you any choice in the matter of which days you are coming in-person.

By December 23, 2020 your child’s teacher will be communicating with you the new schedule and expectation for your child, meaning how many days per week they will attend school, as well as tell you if your child is in the AB program (which will mean coming 2-3 days per week) or the 5 day a week program which means attending Monday-Friday.

An AB Model will look like this:
Week #1: Monday (A), Tuesday (A) Wednesday (A) Thursday (B) Friday (B)
Week #2: Monday (A), Tuesday (A) Wednesday (B) Thursday (B) Friday (B)
Week 3 repeats week #1, Week #4 repeats week #2, etc.
*A NEW Blended Learning Calendar will be coming out soon*

Important notes:
1) Students who are fully remote will remain fully remote. Remote only students do not have the option of changing to in-person instruction.
2) You must continuously attend in-person to remain in-person. If multiple absences occur, you will be automatically switched to full-time remote instruction.
3) All in-person students must have a COVID testing consent form on file by Wednesday December 23rd or you will be switched to fully remote instruction. You can fill out the form here.
4) Random COVID testing will continue to occur weekly.
5) If you wish to change your child to fully remote because you do not want them coming into school more at the time, you may do so by filling our this form and it would be helpful if you would call Ms.Margaret to let her know.
6) Anytime we have at least two positive COVID cases that are not connected, the school will be closed for up to 14 days.

Morning Arrival Changes

Due to the increase in number of students, we now have to switch back to outdoor line-up AND have multiple arrival times. I will send more information on this next week.

Additionally as a reminder PS 101 is currently closed due to a shutdown because of multiple positive COVID cases in our school. We hope to reopen January 4, 2021.


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