Congratulations to the PS 101 #BigAppleAward Nominees

Dear PS 101 Families,

Good morning everyone! I would like to congratulate our Big Apple nominees (listed below). The fact that a parent took time from their day to nominate the people below means they feel their child is being given something very special. Whether it is attention, love, kindness, an amazing education, etc- there was a moment created that left an impression. While I believe our staff does this every day, it’s an honor when someone takes the time to reach out to NYC and says, “Hey, this educator is exceptional.” 

To the PS101 nominees, listed in no particular order, congratulations and thank you for creating the moments you do.


  1. Ms. Vanessa Desiano
  2. Ms. Doreen Martin
  3. Mr. Gary Kane
  4. Ms. Jennifer Sestito
  5. Ms. Dawn Dematteo
  6. Ms. Ann Baio
  7. Ms. Lisa Lee
  8. Ms. Chrisoula Mantagas
  9. Kevin Damiano
  10. Ms. Nancy Duggan
  11. Ms. Melissa Herbert
  12. Ms. Nancy Weng
  13. Ms. Danielle Mezzo
  14. Mr. Hoi Yee
  15. Ms. Andrea Blacker
  16. Ms. Fran DeMarco
  17. Ms. Lauren Lanatra
  18. Ms. Samantha Dicapua
  19. Ms. Christine Alfieri
  20. Ms.Allyson Kain
  21. Ms. Elena Abbate
  22. Ms. Chani Azaria
  23. Ms. Kelly Schropp
  24. Ms. Mary Purpura
  25. Mr Joseph DeMarco
  26. Ms.Helen Lau
  27. Ms. Colleen Reilly
  28. Ms. Fran Mastrianni
  29. Mr. Gregg Korrol (a tremendous thank you to the person who sent me name in- it’s greatly appreciated)

#ps101experience #education #amazingteachers #ps101 #nycdoe #congratulations @nyc @nycschools @bigappleawards

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