P.S. 101 Interim Progress Reports

Re: Interim Progress Reports

Dear PS 101 Families: 

Please be advised on Wednesday, January 27th students will be receiving an Interim Progress Report to include their performance levels since the first marking period in November, 2020 and prior to the close of our second marking period.

To ensure you are aware of your child’s academic abilities, these informal student reports will allow you to understand how they are doing in accordance with grade expectations and standards in each subject area. 

Subject Areas of Interim Evaluation: 
English Language Arts; Writing; Math; Social Studies; Science

Habits Grades of Interim Evaluation: 
Online Participation (if applicable); In-Person Participation (N/A if remote only); Classwork; Behavior

Students will be evaluated by the following criteria on the Interim Progress Report: 
OL =On LevelNI =Needs ImprovementN/A =Not Applicable

Method of Distribution for Interim Progress Reports? 
> In-Person Students: 
Students may be receiving hard copies or may be emailed directly to parent’s email address on file. Classroom teachers will inform families of in-person students via REMIND message(s) for individual class distribution. > Fully-Remote Students: 
Student reports will be directly emailed to the parent’s email address on file. 
If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher to discuss together. 
The Interim Progress Report will be issued on Wednesday, January 27th, so please be on the lookout! 

Save the Dates on your Calendar: 
*The second marking periods ends February 26th. *Spring Parent Teacher Conferences: March 3rd/4th. 
Thank you for your continued cooperation with what has been a challenging school year as we maintain our best effort always. 

Gregg KorrolPrincipal

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