P.S. 101 Yoga Residency

Dear PS 101 Families: 

Please be advised we are excited to present a wonderful learning opportunity for our students and their families to engage in a Yoga Residency from the comforts of your own home. We have partnered with Marquis Studios to provide you with 20 sessions in total for our students to engage in learning opportunities to ensure wellness for the mind, body and soul. Residency Artist and licensed Yoga Instructor, Ms. Sari Nordman will be preparing 20 pre-taped lesson videos for our families. 

To ensure age and level appropriateness, 10 video lessons will be tailored for our early childhood students and 10 video lessons will be geared toward our upper grade students. We will launch these lesson videos in our student’s Google Classrooms and on our website for you to share with your child. We encourage you to get involved and take the time to try these yoga exercises and routines with your child. These Together Time activities will be fun, purposeful and memorable for you. 

The yoga lesson videos will infuse the following techniques for practice each week as Ms. Sari models and walks you through the process: strengthening, balancing, stretching, sun-salutation, breathing, poses, posture and exercise. 

Lesson videos will also include Pear Deck interactive slides with animation, videos, feedback sections and allows audio to meet all of our student’s learning styles. We look forward to launching these weekly videos next week! 

Have fun Namaste! 


Gregg Korrol


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