Family Letter – Black History Month

Dear PS 101 Families:

In celebrating Black History Month, it is important that we recognize the adversity and impact of generational trauma, suffered by African-Americans, due to our country’s history of slavery, racism, and inequality. The power of self-care, healing, and building community couldn’t be more meaningful than right now, as students and families continue to suffer racial inequities, while contending with an enduring health pandemic.

The Brooklyn South and Queens South Borough Offices offer this opportunity to receive practical tools that will enable our students, educators, and families to develop self-care strategies. Participants will realize the potential for healing that comes from within while also observing the power of connectedness and coming together as a community. Educators will have the opportunity to weave these skills into their professional practice. By providing this session to students, families, and educators, we aim to recognize the impact that a cohesive school community can have on the emotional and physical wellness of all its stakeholders.

We are proud to present our second Brooklyn South & Queens South Time of Mindfulness for Students, Families, and Educators. The 45-minute event will feature three practices on conscious breathing, chair yoga and movement, and a closing meditation practice. These practices are designed to help both students and adults foster skills to reduce anxiety, recognize trauma, develop stress-resilience, and cultivate clarity and calm. The information for the event is below:


(Tuesday February 9th, 2021, 12:30pm-1:15pm)

Facilitators: Marlene Morris Lambert, Kate Goldberg, Natasha Eastman

This event is brought to you by The Brooklyn South Borough Office, Queens South Borough Office,  & YMTPP.

Below you will find additional resources for celebrating

Black History Month at home:

We hope you take advantage of these learning experiences to celebrate Black History Month with your family.


Gregg Korrol


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