REMINDER – Middle School Application Deadline Extended

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Good news! The NYC DOE is giving families more time to submit their middle school applications—the new deadline to apply to middle school is February 23, 2021.

  • If you’ve already submitted your application, great—you’re all set. And if you want to make any changes to your application, you can do so by the extended February 23 deadline.
  • If you haven’t applied yet, please submit your middle school application! Remember: submitting an application by the deadline is your best chance to get an offer to a middle school program of your choice. There is no downside to applying now, even if you’re unsure of your family’s plans for the fall.

Here are the ways to apply: 

  1. Online at MySchools.nycWatch this video tutorial for a step-by-step walkthrough! 
  2. Through a Family Welcome Center

Want to learn more? Visit to read and watch helpful videos about middle school admissions.

All best,

Gregg Korrol


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