Important Safety Issues


Dear PS 101 Families: 

Please be reminded of health and safety protocols all families must follow with morning arrivals and afternoon dismissals on our school premises. I am relying on your cooperation and partnership to respect these guidelines as it everyone’s responsibility! 

For safety of the students, staff and fellow parents, I am asking that you keep your dogs away from all arrival and dismissal areas. Remember, while we all love our dogs, you cannot always predict their behavior and some children are frightened of dogs. We must ensure the safety and well-being for all of our students first and foremost. Please be sure to have your dog on a leash at all times and away from all arrival and dismissal areas

Additionally, all members of our school community in and around our school perimeter must wear a face covering while dropping children off in the morning at arrivals and while picking up at dismissals. COVID-19 is still clear and present, we must adhere to city and state mandates to wear a face mask and ensure your six feet social distancing when coming to/from school property.

Our School Safety Agents will be circulating the school perimeter to ensure these health and safety protocols are followed each day. We appreciate your cooperation regarding these important safety matters. If you have any question sir concerns, please feel  free to contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Margaret Lloyd at 1-347-563-4680 or via email at


Gregg Korrol


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