Tuesday Time with Yoga!

Greetings PS 101 Families !

It’s Tuesday Time with YOGA! 

Please prepare for the release of new yoga lesson videos for your child to participate with.  The links below are age/level appropriate for your child to develop yoga practice. 

Children love yoga and grown-ups love when children practice yoga because it helps to focus their mind and bodies.

We should steer away from the idea that yoga requires precision because it also includes fun! By now, children will have favorite poses and they are usually the ones that make them laugh out loud and the ones they try again and again.

GRADES K-2https://app.peardeck.com/student/tdmrfvsip

GRADES 3-5https://app.peardeck.com/student/tnvmqjcry

Please encourage your child to engage and practice – deep breathing, and twisting/stretching can make a big difference to the human body, plus help shift one’s mindset. Yoga benefits our children in many ways, so please try to get them involved while we have these wonderful weekly opportunities: Neuromuscular development; Strength; Flexibility; Coordination; Immunity; Sleep; Concentration; Creativity; Confidence; Social interaction; and Self-control. 

Give it a try and become a Yogi/Yogini! Namaste! 


Gregg Korrol


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