PTA Meeting April 6 10am


Tuesday, 4/6/2021 @ 10:00 am via Zoom (Registration in advance required)


  • Meeting Call to Order
  • PTA Elections
  • SLT Elections
  • Review of Minutes / Motion to Approve
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report/Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report
  • Title 1 / SLT Update
  • Budget/Audit/Bylaw Committee
  • Questions & Concerns Session
  • Motion to Adjourn


May 4                May PTA Meeting

May 13              Eid Al-Fitr (school closed)

May 31              Memorial Day (school closed)

June 1              June PTA Meeting

June 3              Chancellor’s Conf Day (students not in

June 8              Clerical Day (students not in

June 25            Last Day of School


PTA Meeting – Elections

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We hope everyone is staying safe during these unprecedented times.   The elections for our Executive Board of our Parents Association for the 2021-2022 School year will be held over Zoom in a virtual conference.  

In order to serve as an Executive Board Officer, you must be a Parent/Legal Guardian (as defined in Chancellor’s Regulation A-660) of a child attending this school. 

The following positions are open for nomination: (see responsibilities below)

President or (Co-Presidents)


Recording Secretary

Vice President(s)

Corresponding Secretary

The elections will take place on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 at 10:00 am.  Please register in advance at the link below for the meeting (registrations might not be validated after 8:00 am on the day of the meeting):

Upon entering the meeting, please change your screen name to your Child’s Class -First and Last Name Initials – Last 4 digits of OSIS to maintain anonymity. — for example John Smith with a daughter Audrey in class 201 and last 4 digit of OSIS of 1234, the code name should be changed to 201AS1234.


The Nomination Committee

Duties of Officers

President or Co-Presidents (core):

The president or co-presidents shall preside at all meetings of the association. The president or co-presidents shall appoint chairpersons of PA committees with the approval of the Executive Board. The president or designated co-president shall attend all regular meetings of the region/district presidents’ council and shall be a core member of the school leadership team. The president or co-presidents shall meet regularly with the Executive Board members in accordance with the bylaws to plan the agendas for the general membership meetings.

Vice President(s):

The vice-president(s) shall assist the president or co-presidents and shall assume the president’s or co- presidents’ duties in his/her or their absence or at the president’s or co-presidents’ request. Arranges for guest speakers for meetings. Attends district/region meetings as requested by the President.

Recording Secretary (core)

The Recording secretary shall maintain the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all association meetings. This includes General Membership meetings, Executive Board meetings and quarterly meeting with Principal The responsibilities shall include maintaining the sign-in sheets of the association. The secretary shall record and read the minutes of each association meeting and shall make copies of the minutes available upon request. Attends all meetings and district/region functions as request by the President.

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for reviewing, maintaining and responding to all correspondence addressed to the association. The responsibilities shall also include the preparation of notices, agendas, and materials distributed.

Treasurer (core):

The treasurer shall be responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the association. The treasurer shall also be responsible for maintaining an updated record of all income and expenditures on school premises and shall be one of the signatories on checks. The treasurer shall be prepared to present and provide copies of financial reports at all association meetings. Works with the Budget Committee to develop a yearly budget and provides all required information to the Audit Committee.

School Leadership Team Election Notice

Dear Parents:

Our Next Parent Teacher Association meeting will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, April 6th at 10 am. It is very important that you attend the upcoming meeting. At that time, we will be electing 5 parents to serve on the School Leadership Team for a term of 3 year(s).

School leadership teams are teams of parents, teachers, administrators, and others who are responsible for setting the educational direction of a school. Leadership teams have two main tasks: the development of a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and the alignment of a school-based budget with the CEP. All New York City public schools are required to have a leadership team that involves an equal number of parents and school staff. By getting involved in a leadership team, you can help our school meet this mandate. Your participation will also ensure that the parent voice is represented in important decisions that will impact teaching and learning in our school.

Participation on a school leadership team requires time, dedication, creativity and hard work. While compensating team members adequately for their contributions is not possible, the efforts of team members are recognized with a nominal reimbursement for some of the expenses such as child care and travel that are incurred as a result of participating in team activities. Each team member who contributes at least 30 hours annually to team activities is eligible for a reimbursement of $300.

Parents, guardians, and persons in parental relation who have children in PS 101 are eligible to serve as a parent member on the leadership team, unless the parent is employed in PS 101. If you are interested in serving on the team, please ATTEND our meeting on Tuesday, April 6th .Nominations will be taken at the meeting if the nominee is present.

Even if you are not able make the time commitment that being a school leadership team member requires it is critical that you attend the election at the parent association meeting on April 6th. The parents elected to the team represent you and your child’s interests. It is essential that we elect a diverse group of parents that reflect our school community. In order to assist you in electing good representatives, all candidates will be asked to introduce themselves during the meeting and explain why they want to serve on the team.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to seeing you on April 6th.


_ Ginny Chu /s/ , Eva Chiu  /s/___ (PTA/PA President’s Signature)

_Ginny Chu, Eva Chiu__________(PTA/PA President’s Name)

Title 1 PAC Meeting

Tuesday, 4/6/21@ 10:30 am via Zoom


  • Meeting Call to Order
  • Title1 Chairperson Election
  • PAC Committee
  • Submitted Spending Plan 
  • Review Title 1 Guidelines 
  • Other Title 1 Updates
  • Questions & Concerns Session
  • Motion to Adjourn

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