Students Returning to in-person Learning

Greetings PS101 families,

As we prepare for our students who opted back in to in-person learning, teachers will begin calling their students this week and next week to welcome them back and let them which cohort they are in (A or B or Everyday).

As mentioned previously, some students may have to change classes due to social distancing limits, however there are very few who need to do so.

Students who previously attended in-person are not being effected by these changes. This parents who have had their children in-person can assume the current schedule will continue.

Opt-In students return April 26 and MUST complete their Permission to test for COVID form by April 25, 2021.
You can complete this form on your child’s NYCDOE student account.
*Please note if you do not complete the form you will not be permitted to return to in-person learning.


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