Final Yoga Tuesday

April 20th, 2021


Dear PS 101 Yogis and Yoginis:

Time flies when you’re having fun and we had fun indeed! Today’s message includes our final lesson video for you to join and actively participate!

With Ms. Sari’s yoga practices, our youngsters have gained strategies to use and begin their day with a “be well” mindset to think about making the day filled with gratitude, good citizenship, being a peacemaker and getting enough sleep. Breathing, yoga-based movement, and a mindful meditation follow, helping students bring their attention to the present moment and preparing them for learning time. Let’s keep the momentum going with all that has been taught with our Marquis Studios learning opportunity. It is our hope the yoga residency provided everyone with a greater sense of community and engagement in school.

Please continue to encourage your child to integrate yoga in their lives to address many challenges common in education and our society today: emotion regulation; academic performance; reduced anxiety and tension; resilience to stress; fewer problem behaviors; physical well-being and classroom climate.

Grades PREK through 2:

Grades 3 through 5:

The final presentation lesson video which includes student drawings and replies is embedded in one of the last slides. This final session also includes sun salutation and teaches students how to make yoga cards/flow and a rest that reviews most of the yoga poses covered during this residency. Please work with your child to recreate and use! Namaste!

Thanks for your support.


Gregg Korrol


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