Summer Rising (Summer School)

Greetings PS101 Families-

As a reminder, you can now register for the Summer Rising program .

PS 101’s building is closed for the summer due to construction.

PS 101’s Summer program will be housed at PS 216 for the Summer program. We are still awaiting a lot of details about bussing, services for students with IEPs (which may not happen) and are also still awaiting for PS216 to be listed as a Summer School Site.

There is a form in the link for parents to fill out requesting the site be made available as soon as possible so you can register your child.

DIY Option: As always, PS101 will still post a summer track of work for parents who want their child to have practice over the summer from home, reinforce their skills, and prepare for the next grade. I-Ready activities will also be available.


2 thoughts on “Summer Rising (Summer School)

    • All the information currently available is on the NYCDOE site. If you have a specific question please let me know.
      As per students with IEPs, they are permitted to attend summer school but as of today (something could change?) will not have any services or modifications as per the IEP. In other words, they will be in a full size class with no additional support, the same as if they were General Ed and will be held to those expectations.


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