New Dual Language Teacher

Dear PS101 Families of Dual Language Learners,

When we all met prior to the pandemic, I had informed you my goal was to strengthen the Dual Language Mandarin program at PS 101 by hiring more Mandarin teachers with the ultimate goal of having one Dual Language class on each grade. Even though there have been many set backs in the past year, I am still working on this commitment and am happy to inform you we have just hired a new Dual Language teacher who will be taking over class 404 for mandarin (this will not impact the Mrs. Castro as she will remain as the primary classroom teacher).

Ms. Hu is a welcome new member of our staff and you can read more about her below. Ms. Hu is the second Mandarin teacher we have hired this year (Ms Weng is in Grade 1), and we will continue to build this program until we have one teacher for every grade level.

A note from Ms. Hu:

Hi, my name is Ms.Hu. I come from China and I am excited to join the PS101K. I am passionate about teaching because I was inspired by a great teacher earlier in my life and I would like to be there for my students in the way that teacher was there for me. I love interacting with students and helping them see the connection between what they are learning and their lives. I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Onwards and upwards-


4 thoughts on “New Dual Language Teacher

  1. Thank you Mr. Korrol for your effort to make the program even better. I have a question, how is the learning model going to look like next year? will the class get a primary teacher in addition to the Chinese Teacher like what they are doing in first and 2nd grade? Or the Chinese teacher will take over as the primary teacher for the class like Ms. Wu in Kindergarten. Thank you in advance!


    • Good day! So we are hoping to do both. We are hoping to begin moving towards a primary teacher in some classes like Ms. Wu has, but the majority will still be split where the Dual Language teacher comes in for 2-3 periods.


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