Limited Opportunity Available: Mandarin Class

Dear Parents and guardinas,

While it doesn’t happen often, we do have very few seats available for children to transfer into the Dual language mandarin class on many grades. For students who transfer into the program, there will be a basic level mandarin after school class to help them catch up with their peers. Read below for more information:

Dual Language Class Interest Survey for 2021-22 2021-22 学年双语课程兴趣调查

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in our advanced Dual Language Class. Filling out this form does NOT guarantee a spot in our program. Since this program means that your child will learn Mandarin IN ADDITION to maintaining all grade-level expectations, your child’s current teacher will also need to support the program placement request.

𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝:温馨提示:
This program is best suited for fluent Mandarin speakers OR fluent English speakers. (Your child does not need to know Mandarin already, but of course it is helpful. If they do not speak Mandarin, then they need to have a strong grasp of English. In fact, our classes are most popular with English native speakers wanting to learn Mandarin.) 此双语项目最适合能流利地说普通话或英语的学生。 (您的孩子并不需要已经会说普通话,但这当然会有所帮助。如果他们不会说普通话,那么他们就需要对英语有较强的掌握。事实上,在我们的课程里,大多数是母语为英语的学生想学习普通话。)
Mandarin-speaking English Language Learners will receive priority placement. 会说普通话的英语学习者将获得优先安排。
Your child must already be doing VERY well in their current general education placement. There will be extra daily homework assignments for all students in the DL program. 您的孩子必须是已经在目前的学习中学得非常好。 双语项目中的所有学生都将有额外的日常作业。
Children who enjoy challenges, doing extra homework, and have a great memory have the best chance at succeeding in this program. 乐于接受挑战,能做额外的功课并有出色记忆的孩子最有可能成功完成该双语课程项目。如果您的孩子不是这类孩子,请不要申请。
Children who have an IEP requiring a specific class placement are not eligible for a DL class placement because of their IEP mandates. 如果您的孩子有个人教育计划并且需要特定的班级安排,那么个人教育计划将覆盖双语班级安排。
Placement in a DL class will be for the entire 2021-2022 school year, and potentially until the end of grade 5. We will not move students mid-year because it is too disruptive.双语课程的学习将在整个2021-2022学年进行,并且可能要持续到5年级结束。我们不会在年中时,从班级里移除学生,因为这会给学生的学习带来很大的干扰。

If you have already written an email to our program coordinator, Mrs. Rivera (, to indicate your interest in the past, please complete this survey anyway. We will respect the date you originally requested placement on our waitlist. 如果您已经发过邮件给我们的项目负责人:Rivera老师(,以表示您对这个项目的兴趣,也请务必完成此调查。我们仍然会尊重您最初要求将其放置在候补名单上的日期。

If your child fits our criteria, we will reach out for an interview mid-June.

PS – If your child does not already know some Mandarin, consider enrolling them into a basic Mandarin courses outside of school, or developing a daily habit of using apps like Duolingo, Babbel or Busuu. We will also host an after school program during the school year to help new DL students catch up their basic Mandarin. 另外,如果您的孩子尚且不懂普通话,请考虑在学校外帮孩子注册基础普通话课程,或者养成每天使用Duolingo或Busuu等应用的习惯。

Complete the form:

Complete the form to apply for Dual Language here

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