Marquis Studio Drawing Lessons

June 14, 2021

Tuesday Time with DRAWING


Dear PS 101 Families:

Are you ready for a super-sized drawing activity? Today, is your lucky day! As the school year quickly comes to an end, this week’s lessons include two fun-filled drawing tasks for each grade band of students to engage in.

Marquis Studios’ Teaching Artist, Ciara, has comprised two lesson videos to further enhance your child’s drawing abilities and talents.

The how-to tasks are easy for beginners and can be more challenging for our experienced artists to add-on with further details. Encourage your child to follow the steps with outlining, sketching, marking, and DRAWING! Ciara‘s presentations are fun, witty, encouraging, and supportive to make every artist feel worthy of their masterpiece.

Enjoy this week’s super-sized drawing treat with your child.

Next week’s lesson will be our last art’s lesson video. We’ve saved the best for last, so get ready, get set and DRAW!

*Early Childhood >

Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten- Grade One:



*Upper Grades >

Grade Three- Grade Four – Grade Five



Sketch! DRAW ✍️! Color your World!

As always, please reach out to our classroom teachers with any questions or concerns.


Gregg Korrol


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