iReady last day…

Greetings PS101 Families-

Please be advised the last day to access iReady will be Friday August 20. After, it will be closed for maintenance and preparation for the new school year. iReady will re-open on September 13 when school begins.


8 thoughts on “iReady last day…

    • Good morning and sorry for the delay. All students who are enrolled in PS101 receive an iReady account. If your child is first starting in PS 101, they will receive the information in September.


  1. Hello!

    I’m been trying to call the office to enroll my 4-year-old child in the Pre-K program for this year, but no one is answering the phone. What should I do?


    • Hello I hope you are well. The school will reopen on Monday, August 30. Please call the school at 9 AM and ask for Josephine who will assist you. To give you a heads up, our pre-kindergarten is full and Josephine can guide you on next steps.


  2. Hello.
    I need to enroll my child in school. Russian child. I know you need an English translatio.
    Please tell me. Does the translation have to be notarized? Do you need a stamp? Or can I translate it myself and bring it to you?

    Is a translation made in Russia suitable without an apostille? And no originals. Documents will be sent by email.

    Thank you.


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