How closely are you monitoring what your children watch?

Dear PS 101 Families,

Once in a while we come across a TV show that becomes very popular and is not appropriate for young children. One of most popular shows right now on Netflix is Squid Games. Having watched this myself, I can tell you it is not appropriate for young children to watch, even if you are watching it with them as it focuses on violence and is very graphic. While ultimately it is up to you to decide how to parent your child, and what you choose to allow them to see, the concern is that there are no behaviors being “copied” from the show by your child.

We are hearing students talk about this show in the school and if your child has seen it or wants to see it, then I highly suggest you as their parent have a discussion about it with a specific focus on not copying any of the behaviors or language used in the show.

Please read this article about Squid Games and the effects on children:


One thought on “How closely are you monitoring what your children watch?

  1. Thank you for your concerns, we also believe it’s so not appropriate for any person to watch it regardless of his age but as we live in this internet world its so hard to keep following what kids are watching or playing.
    We will continue our job as parents to help our kids understand why is it no appropriate we highly urge the school to talk to kids as well as kids tend to take their teachers more seriously than their parents


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