Q and A about Testing and Quarantine

Dear PS 101 Families,

To answer some questions being asked:

How Long Does a Close Contact Have to Quarantine?

Fully vaccinated students identified as close contacts do not have to quarantine provided they remain symptom-free, but should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure. Unvaccinated students identified as close contacts must quarantine for 10 days. These students may test out of quarantine and return to school early on Day 8 if they are symptom-free and take a lab-confirmed COVID-19 test on Day 5 (or later) of quarantine and the test is negative. Proof of the negative COVID-19 test must be submitted to their school. Schools will accept an emailed test result or a paper copy of the test result.

Who will now be considered a close contact of a positive case and therefore will need to quarantine?

A close contact is:

  • Any student within three feet of a student with COVID-19 in the classroom regardless of wearing a face covering.
  • Any student who was within six feet of student with COVID-19 when either student was unmasked,
  • Any student or adult who was within six feet of an adult with COVID-19 for more than ten minutes regardless of wearing a face covering.

COVID-19 Testing in Schools

Regular COVID-19 testing provides school communities and public health experts with valuable information. Continuing the successful safety practices of last year, there will be regular testing for COVID-19 in our schools.

Every school will randomly test, on a weekly basis, unvaccinated students who have submitted consent for testing. Testing will be conducted at a threshold of ten percent of unvaccinated students per school population. This way, if there is a positive case, action can be taken right away to protect the school community. Students and staff who are fully vaccinated are not required to be tested.

It is important that you provide consent for your child to participate in the in-school testing program.

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