Updated Quarantine Information

Dear PS 101 Families,

Please read the information below regarding Quarantine:

Individuals Exposed to COVID at School

  • Students and staff who may have been exposed to COVID at school will be given a home test kit to take home. The individual should administer the first home on the day it is received and use the second test on Day 5.
  • If an individual begins to show symptoms of COVID before Day 5, they should use the test kit immediately, treating themselves as a potential positive case and isolate. It is recommended that the individual also seek a PCR test. 

Individuals Exposed to COVID Outside of School

  • Students who are not fully vaccinated and experience an exposure outside of the school must still quarantine at home for 10 days. For example, if someone who lives in the household tests positive for COVID and the child is unvaccinated, the child must quarantine regardless of testing negative or positive.
    If those individuals obtain a lab-confirmed COVID-19 test result on or after Day 5 from exposure, they can return to school from quarantine on Day 8.
  • Students who are exposed top someone at home and are FULLY Vaccinated may report to school (do not have to quarantine) as long as they can pass the NYC Health Screener.

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