Street Safety in the Bensonhurst Community

Dear PS 101 Families,

In the past two weeks, two district 21 students were hit by a car on their way to school.   A few weeks back a high school student was fatally hit by a car near Madison HS. This student was a former District 21 student.   In the past half hour, I had two citizen alerts of pedestrians being hit by a car in our District area.   

We all know the dangers of crossing the streets in NYC.  The hazards increase when pedestrians are distracted by phones and ear pods.  Even the best, most cautious drivers will have difficulty stopping if someone wanders out into traffic while looking at their phone and listening to music or videos, rendering them unable to see the danger and unable to hear the horn beeping. 

Please ensure to speak with your children and family members regarding the importance of crossing the street at cross walks, looking both ways, and being aware of your surroundings by ensuring you are not focused on your phone while crossing a street.


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