IT’S PARENT SURVEY TIME! PS 101 Parents Make the Grade!

Dear PS 101 Parents/Guardians:

You can help raise PS 101’s school grade on the Progress Report by filling out and returning the Parent Survey that will be given to your child in a green envelope today. This is your opportunity to tell the Department of Education how much you love all the wonderful things PS 101 does to support your child’s education and prepare them for the future.

The results are important to P.S 101’s overall success. We have an excellent return rate of surveys every year, but this year we would like to set a goal of 95% or higher in each classroom. Please take a few moments to thoroughly read each question so that the survey accurately reflects your opinion of our school. For example, whenever a parent “Strongly Agrees” with a statement our school receives 10 points for that answer but we only receive 6.6 points for an answer of “Agree”.  All the points are added to receive the school’s average score.

Please have your child return the survey to their classroom teacher as soon as possible or kindly complete the survey on-line.  Parent surveys must be completed and returned /submitted by March 25, 2022.  If you love something we do, show it on the survey.  The higher the grades you give, the higher our school grade can go!

Once you have completed this exciting task, your child will be rewarded with a FREE Full-Day NO homework PASS. Classes who have 100% completion will be awarded with the following reward:  1st Class on the grade with full participation of returned surveys – ICE CREAM PARTY

Again, your returning your survey praising PS 101 will directly raise our school grade. Let’s show why PS 101 is so wonderful!  Thank you for supporting our school.

Please indicate how you completed your child’s survey and submit the google form so we can reward your child with their HW Pass and class tally for a party prize. Please complete the attached google form to indicate your method of completion for your parent survey:

Gregg Korrol

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