5th Grade Enrichment is BACK!

Dear Families of 5th Grade Students,

P.S. 101 will be starting an exciting program with our 5th grade students called Enrichment, which allows students to have time to explore and develop their own personal interests. The Enrichment program allows students to have choice in their educational experience. Enrichment includes classes such as photography, graphic novel art, dance, coding, and more! Each group will have approximately 12-15 students for a more personalized experience.

All 5th grade students will be given a menu of options (on a Google Form) to choose from and will select 3 preferences of classes they would like to take. We will try to give your child their first choice where possible. While families can discuss the options with their child, I highly encourage you to allow your child to choose the class they want to take. 

Beginning in April, students will attend their Enrichment class every Friday during 7th and 8th periods. It will be a time to explore interests outside of regular academics, and connect with students in other 5th grade classes with similar interests. It is our goal and hope that they will gain new knowledge, skills, and friends!

We are so excited to be able to offer this program and can’t wait to get started on this new and exciting adventure with our Senior Class! 



2 thoughts on “5th Grade Enrichment is BACK!

    • Enrichment is a Grade 5 only activity. When students become seniors in PS101 there are many activities we provide to celebrate their accomplishments and for them to enjoy their final year together- Enrichment is one of them.


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