COVID Positives and Test Kits

Dear PS 101 Families,

As a reminder, students are given four home COVID Test kits per week. It is recommended you test your child at the beginning of the week and three days later. The other two kits may be used by family members.

Like the rest of NYC, PS 101 has also had a rise in positive COVID cases both in students and staff. When a child in a class or staff member reports being positive, we send a letter home to the class called an “exposure letter” which informs you someone in your child’s class has tested positive. if you get this letter, it is recommended you test your child that evening. If your child tests positive, you must notify PS 101 so we can take additional steps on our end to protect the community.

While New York City health officials on Monday strongly recommended that all individuals wear medical-grade masks in public indoor settings citywide, masks are not mandated in schools and it is still your (and your child’s) choice to wear or not wear a mask.

We will of course keep you updated with any additional news.


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