Digital Equity Family Questionnaire

PS 101 Families: Please read the following letter from the NYC Department of Education.

Dear Families,

The New York State Education Department requires all school districts, including the New York City
Department of Education (DOE) to collect information from families about students’ access to devices
and the internet for the 2021-22 school year. To make this easy as possible for families, the DOE has
added a Digital Equity Family Questionnaire to the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)
(, where you can provide answers to the questions for each of your
students in grades kindergarten through 12.

The Questionnaire asks nine short questions (it takes about five minutes) about your family’s digital
access, and your answers will be used to help identify school and district needs, target resources and
funding opportunities, and used to inform state policy and legislative initiatives.

Don’t have an NYC Schools Account ( You can get one today! It’s quick and easy
to sign up. Staff at your child’s school can help you add your student/s, so you can access their
information, including grades and test scores. You can also take classes in Parent University, report
bullying, sign the COVID-19 testing consent form, and more.

If you don’t have a NYCSA account, you can use the paper version of the questions posted on the DOE
website (, return the survey to your school, and the school
staff will ensure your answers are counted.

Thank you for your cooperation and partnership. We know this information will help support digital
learning and access for all NYC public school students and families.

The New York City Department of Education

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