Respect For All Essay and Poster Contest!!!

As part of October’s National Anti-Bullying Month and the DOE’s Respect For All Initiative, our school will be participating in the Respect for All Essay and Poster Contest. The contest allows students to raise awareness about bullying through writing and art. Show your true self and what the Leader In Me – Habits of Highly Effective People have done for you and our school!  

1. Essay Contest: The theme of the essay contest is “From Bystanders to Allies”. Essay responses should be no more than 400 words, on 8½ x 11 letter paper, 10 Arial font size, single-spaced, with page numbers. All essay responses must have name of school and name of student with grade level. Essays submitted on larger paper size will not be accepted. Address one of the following prompts:
a. Describe a time when you stood up for someone other than yourself. Explain how this act or acts have affected your life.
b. Describe a time when someone has helped you in a time of need. Explain how their actions have affected you.
c. Why do you think people have trouble accepting others who are different from them? How can you encourage others to be more accepting of those who are different?
d. The end of bullying begins with you: What have you (or someone you know) done to inspire, involve, or help others in preventing or ending bullying? Please give examples.

2. Poster Contest: Friends Do Make a Difference campaign. The intent of the campaign is to raise awareness around bullying issues. We encourage you to create a poster that incorporates your experience and understanding of bullying and anti-bullying. We firmly believe in the healing power of art. It helps us tell our stories, express our pain, and share our hopes.

Your poster can reflect any of these perspectives. When you submit your artwork, please write a brief statement about what your poster means to you. Please return any Respect For All essays or art posters to your classroom teacher before Tuesday, November 1st!



K. Kipriadis and C. Liebert

School Counselors

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