October is National Principal’s Month!

Please be advised October is National Principal’s Month! We take a moment to express our appreciation for the leadership of our school principal.

Congratulations Mr. Korrol and thank you for all you do to help the children of PS 101 grow and thrive.

Please take some time to thank him for the educational leader he is to all of us.

We recognize Mr. Korrol for his strong leadership. We sincerely thank Mr. Korrol for the hard work, commitment and the visionary leader he is to the PS 101 school โ€‹community. 

As our building principal, give Mr. Korrol a shout-out and a sincere thanks for all he does. He cares for the staff, students and parents very much, so letโ€™s give it right back!

Let’s show support and appreciation for the tremendous leader he is to us.


Your PS 101 Family

7 thoughts on “October is National Principal’s Month!

  1. Dear Mr Korrol

    Thank you very much for your hard work and making PS 101 one of the best schools!!!

    Olena Mazo ( Nicole Mazoโ€™s mom)


  2. Thank you Mr. Korrol !! P.S.101 is amazing ! My 4th and 1st Graders are happy in the school everyday!! We are so glad to be a part of 101 family.


  3. Dear Mr Korol! I am very glad that my daughter got to your school.
    that you are a wonderful psychologist.
    I was pleasantly surprised what books you gave parents at the meeting with coffee. these are important books for us and our children. I am also very pleased that in the morning you meet us at the entrance. you watch the children, the parents, and it’s so nice that you’re there, in touch, and you always have a supportive smile.


  4. Happy National Principal month Mr. Korrol!

    My son William graduated during the pandemic in 2020 and even till this day, our fondest memories have been at PS 101. Thank you for making the children at 101 feel confident and for instilling the self-discipline that has clearly helped my son thrive in middle school. You are truly a gift to our community.


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