Food Sharing Safety

Dear PS 101 Families:

We always want to ensure our student’s safety. Students should not share their snacks with other classmates. Please speak with your child to refrain some sharing snacks in the classroom or lunch. 

Please be reminded of safety first! To avoid any issues with students bringing in snack packets from home to eat during lunchtime/class-time, please do not allow children to bring in any foods that may be harmful. Some items may include the contents of silica gel. Gel beads in the package are at-risk for ingestion. Please be mindful when shopping or preparing snacks/meals for your child in school and educate your child. 

Although many foods include these little white packets to keep foods fresh, it is very harmful and dangerous around children. Silica gel is considered non-toxic; however, many products brought in by students are packaged overseas. Imported products from another country cannot be verified as non-toxic. 

Thank you for cooperation with safety first!


Gregg Korrol


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