P.S. 101 FOOD DRIVE: November 28 – December 9

Dear PS 101 Families:

The P.S.101 Family, led by the Little Lighthouse Team, will be holding a food drive beginning November 28th, through December 9th to help support the anti-hunger programs of the Reaching Out Community Services organization. This is an excellent chance to make a difference in the lives of many as well as making a significant impact on our community. We encourage you to join this effort to help our less fortunate neighbors.  The food we collect will be donated to the food pantry of the Reaching Out Community Services Organization that is located here in our community of Bensonhurst/Bath Beach. Your donations of boxed or canned goods will go a long way to help members of our community who are struggling with hunger. 

Help donate to those in need!

Please donate only non-perishable and non-expired canned or boxed foods.

What we need:

Canned fruits or vegetables, beans,  boxed cereals, pasta, granola bars, boxed or bagged snacks, crackers 

Drop off your donations in the box that will be set up near the security desk in the main lobby.

The Little Lighthouse Team of P.S.101

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