Marquis Studios In-School Residencies

Greetings PS 101 Families:

We are fortunate to partner with Marquis Studios for the 17th consecutive year. As a pARTnership school, we are committed to expanding student’s interests and providing ARTs instruction across the discipline areas to ensure cultural connections: visual arts, performance arts, theater, dance, etc. Please see the menu of Marquis Studios ARTs residencies our students in PS 101 will engage in this school year:

2022-2023 Cycle: 2 (January – March) In-school Residencies

Creative Movement- PRE-K- 2 Classes

Creative Movement – Kindergarten – 7 Classes

Storytelling Through Movement – 1st Grade – 6 Classes

Circus Arts – 2nd Grade – 6 Classes

Personal Empowerment Banners– 3rd Grade – 7 Classes

Architecture – 4th Grade – 6 Classes

World Marketplace – 5th Grade – 7 Classes

*Grade PRE-K and Kindergarten:  Residency: Creative Movement > This residency serves as an introduction to dance which allows students to improve spatial awareness, rhythm and body control. 

*Grade One: Residency: Storytelling Through Movement > Students explore how to tell a story and convey a message or emotion using only bodily movement, not words. This residency scaffolds well from Creative Movement.

*Grade Two: Residency: Circus Arts > Students engage in physical theater and performance art circus techniques such as clowning, and comedy, in addition to learning skills such as juggling, balancing, and floor exercises.  

*Grade Three: Residency: Personal Empowerment Banners> Students explore their personal identity, what sparks their interest, and what makes them unique. They use a variety of materials to create symbols of their personal power and strengthen self-esteem.

*Grade Four:  Residency: Architecture Design > Students discover the architectural process by using paper, cardboard, rulers and pencils to draw floor plans to scale and construct models of buildings and bridges.

*Grade Five:  Residency: World Marketplace> Students study art, culture, financial literacy, and social responsibility by participating as lenders to a Kiva entrepreneur. Teams of students also develop a business plan around craft items they create and sell at the school’s culminating “Marketplace Fair,” where each group of student entrepreneurs sells the items they have made to raise money for a local charity of their choosing. 

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (more information to follow):

Residency: YOGA Wellness- Teaching Artists lead students through self-reflective exercises and ability-appropriate yoga poses. Students learn breath control, balance and muscular coordination.

Residency: Hip-Hop DANCE -Hip Hop culture is multifaceted and got its start here in NYC. Students learn breaking, popping and locking moves to popular music and are encouraged to create their own freestyle moves.

CYCLE II  January to March *YOGA > 10 sessions – Grades 2-3 and *HIP-HOP > 10 sessions – Grades 4-5

CYCLE III March to June *YOGA > 10 sessions – Grades 4-5 and *HIP-HOP > 10 sessions – Grades 2-3

We look forward to these learning experiences togther.


Gregg Korrol


4 thoughts on “Marquis Studios In-School Residencies

  1. Good Morning, Teachers

    Happy New Year.
    how i can sign up my kids for those marquis Art classes? who should i contact/ phone/email and name?

    thanks for your Assistance.


    • Good morning! there is nothing you need to do 🙂
      Your child is automatically enrolled in the residency with their grade and students get to experience different arts residencies as they go through the grades.


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