Learn about the Community and Citywide Education Council Elections

Dear PS101 Families,

2023 is an Education Council Election year. For the first time, each Community Education Council will have a dedicated seat for a D75 parent. The 32 Community Education Councils and 4 Citywide Education Councils make important decisions regarding your child’s education.

Learn about the councils, the election and how to run for a seat on an Education Council by attending a virtual (Zoom) Information Session.

Sessions begin January 9th

Date         TimeLanguage(S)ZOOM LINK
Mon. 1/9/20236:00 PMEnglish/Arabic/RussianClick to Attend
Tues. 1/10/202312:00 PMEnglish/SpanishClick to Attend
Wed. 1/11/20236:00 PMEnglish/Korean/Bangla/FrenchClick to Attend
Thurs. 1/12/20239:30 AMEnglish/SpanishClick to Attend
Fri. 1/13/202312:00 PMEnglish/Haitian Creole/Urdu/ MandarinClick to Attend
Sat. 1/14/20231:00 PMEnglishClick to Attend

District 75 Information Sessions

Date         TimeLanguage(S)ZOOM LINK
Mon. 1/9/20237:00 PMEnglish/Arabic/RussianClick to Attend
Tues. 1/10/20231:00 PMEnglish/SpanishClick to Attend
Wed. 1/11/20237:00 PMEnglish/Korean/Bangla/FrenchClick to Attend
Thurs. 1/12/202310:30 AMEnglish/SpanishClick to Attend
Fri. 1/13/20231:00 PMEnglish/Haitian Creole/Urdu/ MandarinClick to Attend
Sat. 1/14/20232:00 PMEnglishClick to Attend

Interpretation is available

Questions? Email campaign staff: Elections2023@schools.nyc.gov


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