Second Marking Period – Report Cards

Greetings PS 101 Families:

Please be advised the second marking period for the school term has come to an end and you will have access to your child’s report card tomorrow, Thursday, March 9th. If you should have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher. As a reminder, tomorrow is a half-day dismissal at 11:50 am. Please follow your child’s teacher’s directions for dismissal times, via REMIND messages.

PS 101 Academic Policy:

ME: “Mastery-Exceeds” Standards (95-100) = 4 by NYS Standards

MA: “Mastery-Above” Standards (85-94) = a mid-high 3 by NYS Standards

MT: “Mastery-Meets” Standards (75-84) = a low-mid 3 by NYS Standards

MP: “Mastery-Approaching” Standards (65-74) = 2 by NYS Standards

MB: “Mastery-Below Standards (64 or less) =  1 by NYS Standards

There are two options for you to retrieve your child’s Report Card online (we do not give out paper report cards):

Report Card grades will be posted on this NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) for student grades, school forms, IEPs, tests scores, reading level, enrollment history, transportation, health, attendance, fitness data, scheduling and more at NYC Schools Account NYSCA

1) Go to:

a) Scroll to: Click on the blue icon/box “Sign In”

b) ENTER your username and password credentials that you signed up with for NYCSA access. (use your parent email and password)

c) CLICK on MyStudent – GREEN BOX

d) Select your student/child

e) Select: GRADES 

f) Current Report Card will be visible for you to click and access. Past Report Cards are also available for you to access. 


2.  Log into TeachHub using your child’s account and look under “student documents”. (use student email and password)

To Access Translated Versions of Report Cards:  If families are asking and are in need of assistance with requests for translating report card grades, kindly refer parents to use the NYCDOE site for accessing as follows: 

1) Go to:

2) Scroll to: Click on the blue icon/box “Sign In”

3) ENTER your username and password credentials that you signed up with for NYCSA access

4) Click SETTINGS- (top right corner-gear icon)

5) CLICK Language Preference from the list on the left side.

6) Select language preference and SAVE 

If you have questions, please speak with your child’s teacher or contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Bing Xing Lin at 347-563-4680 or via email at


Gregg Korrol


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