NYSESLAT for ESL Students

Dear PS101 Families,

The NYSESLAT (New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test) is the annual English language assessment used to determine if an ELL continues to be limited English proficient, based upon such student scoring at a state designated level of English proficiency on the NYSESLAT (CR Part 154.2)(c). It consists of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing sub-tests that are aligned with the NYS Leaning Standards for English as a Second Language.

What is the purpose of the NYSESLAT?

The NYSESLAT is used to measure progress toward the ELL’s achievement of proficiency in English. Based on the test, the student’s proficiency level in English will be determined for the 2023-24 school year as Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, Expanding, or Commanding. 

When is the NYSESLAT? 

The speaking portion of the test is administered on a one-to-one basis and will take place at PS101K on April 17th through May 5th.  The listening, reading and writing portions of the test will take place from May 15th through May 26th.

Who takes the NYSESLAT? 

Every English Language Learner is required to take this annual assessment.  If you anticipate an absence during this time period, please let your child’s teacher or ENL provider know as soon as possible.  If your child misses any portion of the test, their score will be invalidated, and your child will continue the 2023-24 school year at this year’s performance level. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rivera at jleung@schools.nyc.gov.


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