PTA Meeting Agenda – December

Agenda for DEC 2019 meeting


Tuesday, 12/3/19 @ 8:30 am AGENDA

•Meeting Call to Order

• Review of Minutes / Motion to Approve

• President’s Report

• Updates on Fundraisers and Important Dates

• Treasurer’s Report/Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report

• SLT Update

• Questions & Concerns Session

• Motion to Adjourn

Dec 6  PTA Bake Sale

Dec 10  Fall Picture Retakes

Dec 16-18 Holiday Boutique 
 & Holiday Shows

Dec 23-Jan 1 Winter Break (No School)

Assembly for Cyber Bullying – Proper Attire for Students

Assembly for Cyber Bullying – Proper Attire


Dear PS 101 Parents/Guardians:

Please be advised to dress your child in appropriate assembly attire on Thursday, November 21st for our Cyber-Safety presentations. We will be educating our students on the use and responsibility with social media accounts and internet policies. Students will gain a better understanding of the do’s and don’ts with on-line safety and social media.

Kindly ensure your child wears a white shirt and dark bottoms (black or navy blue). Girls can wear a dark skirt or dark pants to their liking/comfort.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.


Gregg Korrol



Student Safety – Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks – Allergy Considerations

November 18, 2019

Dear PS 101 Families:

Student safety is our number one priority at PS 101. I want to ensure your child is healthy and happy each day they walk through the PS 101 doors.

A concern I need your help with is sharing of snacks. Often times, through their kindness, children share their snack with a friend. However, the friend may have an allergy to the snack and if eaten can lead to a severe allergy attack. We have many students who have peanut or tree allergies and their health can be at risk due to ingredients/contents of foods, packaging and facilities.

Please speak with your child about the importance of not sharing their snack for health reasons.

Additionally, many families share birthday celebrations and parties with their classes. Please consider the ingredients in your store-bought goods or homemade recipes for the sake of all of our youngsters. Additionally, if you are preparing candy/treat bags, please DO NOT include any peanut candies (or chocolate with peanuts) as this can be a life or death situation due to an allergy.

For those parents/guardians who have children with an allergy, please prepare some snacks that your child can have and enjoy when a party is taking place. You may consider sending in packaged snacks/cookies for the teacher to store and use when a party is held in the classroom. Teachers can use your items as a safe alternative for your child.

Moving forward, I ask that you please consider other student’s safety when buying any treats or goodies for the class. We want to avoid any health-related problems with our youngsters and ask for your help and cooperation.  If I can be of any further assistance or you should have any concerns, please feel free to contact Parent Coordinator Margaret Lloyd or School Nurse Dellavalle at 718-372-0221.

Thank you for your help.


Gregg Korrol



Lead-Based Paint Safety – Parent Letter

LBP Letter for Families -Nov 2019

November 2019

Dear Families,
At the Department of Education, our top priority is keeping students safe and healthy so they can engage in learning, every day in every school. Today we write with an important update in relation to the Department of Education’s aggressive lead remediation work in school facilities across the city.
Custodians are an integral part of our school communities, and are in our schools every day. They have always conducted visual inspections to monitor for peeling paint, and this summer another round of inspections was conducted in order to formally log the findings. By the first day of school this year, we successfully inspected and addressed any peeling paint found in classrooms serving kids under six and this fall, any necessary remediation of peeling paint was completed.
We also began our work in cafeterias and libraries earlier this fall, and these spaces were stabilized as necessary. Stabilization is an EPA- and NYC Department of Health-approved process by which deteriorating paint is removed, sealed, and repainted. This keeps these spaces safe for young children, as the impacted area of the wall is covered and inaccessible. Remediation is successful when dust wipe samples confirm the longer term safety of the room.
Our focus has always been on classrooms where students spend the most time, but we’re committed to enhancing our protocols and have expanded our work to common spaces. Beginning next month, we’re expanding inspections to include bathrooms, gymnasiums and auditoriums.
Although lead-based paint was banned in New York City in 1960, we take additional precautions and include in our monitoring any building constructed 25 years after that ban. Children under three years old are the most susceptible and vulnerable to the health effects of lead, and children under age six are at higher risk than older children.
Our response protocol keeps kids safe, and over the course of the year the DOE has increased oversight and transparency of this work. A centralized database is available online, and staff or parents can report any deteriorate paint via an online tool accessible 24/7 at
Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions about our ongoing efforts with respect to lead remediation.

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

School Spirit Day – March of Dimes on November 15

Little Lighthouse – March of Dimes

Little Lighthouse Team

School Spirit Day


Support the March of Dimes on Friday, November 15th WEAR PURPLE

Please join our PS 101 family of students and staff to WEAR PURPLE in support of the March of Dimes on Friday, November 15th.

The March of Dimes funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects, and sickly infants. Every baby deserves a healthy start and showing our support in wearing purple will ensure wide-spread education and knowledge for our youngsters at PS 101. Babies bring us great joy and they are our future! Let’s come together and work as a team to light it up PURPLE at 101.