Digital Footprints and Appropriate Language

Dear PS 101 Families,

Please be mindful that PS101k accounts are for education only. These accounts are fully monitored by our staff. Please speak with your child about the importance of understanding that whatever is posted on-line, is trackable.
Sometimes kids get silly and send inappropriate messages to others, access other people’s accounts  or use the account to try and go shopping. All student work, posts, chats, history are monitored at all times. IP addresses and digital footprints can trace back to who is logging in, what is posted and with what devices. Please monitor your child when online. In the event we see a student is misusing their account, we will contact the parent regarding next steps.

To assist with educating our digital citizens:

Students in Grades K-5 should watch the video below, then take this quiz

Technology Needs

Good morning 101 Families-

As we transition to a Digital Instruction Model- we need to ensure all students have access in some way to technology and the internet that can be used during the day for learning. If you have a device ( a Laptop, Desktop computer, iPad, other type of table, Smartphone (ex iPhone or android)), you do not need to take any further steps.

If you do not have a device, please fill out this form: survey