DISMISSAL MAP for 2020-2021

Greetings PS 101 Families:

Below is a picture of where students will be dismissed at the end of each school day.

Please ensure to pick up your child at 1:45pm.

Students will be dismissed one by one for safety reasons- please be patient.

  • Grade 5 on Benson Avenue and 35th street
  • Grade 4 on 24th Avenue
  • Grade 3 into school yard
  • Grade 2 on  35th street
  • Grade 1 into school yard
  • Kindergarten into school yard
  • Pre-K on Benson Avenue and 35th street

Reminder, as you wait to pick up your child, please ensure you have a mask on and are social distancing.

Dismissal Advisory for Today

Please be advised there was an accident on 35th Street between Benson Avenue and 86th street. While this incident has nothing to do with our school (we are all safe and well), please note the police have closed off 35th street between Benson Ave and 86th street.

As we are approaching dismissal, please ensure to give yourself a little extra time to come down the block and I am asking you to quickly pick up your child and leave the immediate area so we can ensure a smooth dismissal.

Thank you,