Safety Concerns

Dear PS 101 Families,

We need your help!

As you know safety is our priority here at PS101 and there are a few things we need you to help us with:

  1. Dogs– many people bring their dogs with them when picking up their children. First and foremost, your dog MUST be on a leash. While your pet is friendly to you, to others it can be scary. While we would prefer you not bring your dog to morning drop-off or pick-up, if you do please be considerate of everyone and ensure they are on a leash. Additionally, dogs are not permitted in the school yard.
  2. Double parking creates a tremendous back up of traffic and frustration. While you are welcome to drop and go, you cannot leave your car double parked and unattended while waiting for your child. NYPD has informed me they will begin ticketing cars that do this.
  3. Morning drop off– When you walk your child to the steps, hug them and say goodbye BEFORE they start walking up. I have observed many parents calling out to their children while walking up the steps, and the kids turn around and in some cases have almost fallen down the steps.
    Please say your goodbyes before they start walking up and ensure your child faces forward when walking up steps.

Thank you for helping us keep your children safe 🙂