Why does morning arrival take so long?

Good day PS 101 Families,

First of all, a tremendous thank you to the majority of parents and students who were so incredibly patient and supportive this morning during arrival. I overheard many parents on line using the opportunity to teach their children about patiently waiting and understanding. That was a great use of time as you are teaching a life long lesson!

As you know, today was our first day back and we have to check that every student has a COVID testing consent form on file, as well as take their temperature and check their Health Screening App.

While the Consent form part will be finished by the end of the week when every in-person student has come to school, we still need to check the health screening app and take temperature on a daily basis which does take time.

I understand we are now entering colder winter temperatures and weather, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a protocol that is mandated by NYC and the NYC Dept of Education. Remember that just as you are outside in this weather, so is the PS 101 staff working very hard to ensure a quick morning arrival process. Please ensure you dress appropriately for the colder weather (scarf, hat, gloves).

Thank you in advance for your patience.