Students Returning to in-person Learning

Greetings PS101 families,

As we prepare for our students who opted back in to in-person learning, teachers will begin calling their students this week and next week to welcome them back and let them which cohort they are in (A or B or Everyday).

As mentioned previously, some students may have to change classes due to social distancing limits, however there are very few who need to do so.

Students who previously attended in-person are not being effected by these changes. This parents who have had their children in-person can assume the current schedule will continue.

Opt-In students return April 26 and MUST complete their Permission to test for COVID form by April 25, 2021.
You can complete this form on your child’s NYCDOE student account.
*Please note if you do not complete the form you will not be permitted to return to in-person learning.


Students who opted-in may return April 26

Dear PS101 families-

As you know the window to opt your child back in from remote to in-person learning closed last Friday. We have just been informed that those students who opted in may be allowed to return on April 26.

While the CDC has reduced classroom social distancing to 3 feet, the challenge we have is that we still must maintain 6 feet of distance when eating and our students eat in the classroom.

We are still waiting on guidance on how to proceed with this concern.

While we will do our best to keep students with their current teachers, please be advised that some of the students who opted back in may have their class changed to ensure health and safety procedures (social distancing). We will of course inform parents if their child has to change a classroom or teacher as a result of coming back to in-person learning.

I will have more news for you in the coming weeks….