Students Returning to in-person Learning

Greetings PS101 families,

As we prepare for our students who opted back in to in-person learning, teachers will begin calling their students this week and next week to welcome them back and let them which cohort they are in (A or B or Everyday).

As mentioned previously, some students may have to change classes due to social distancing limits, however there are very few who need to do so.

Students who previously attended in-person are not being effected by these changes. This parents who have had their children in-person can assume the current schedule will continue.

Opt-In students return April 26 and MUST complete their Permission to test for COVID form by April 25, 2021.
You can complete this form on your child’s NYCDOE student account.
*Please note if you do not complete the form you will not be permitted to return to in-person learning.


New Opt-in Window for Blended Learning

Dear Families,

Due to changes in CDC social distancing regulations, Families will now have one more opportunity to transition to blended learning this school year. This means that if your child is currently learning remotely every day, they will be able to opt in to learning in-person in the school building at least part of the week for the remainder of the school year. We will make every effort to provide as many days of in-person learning as possible.

Opt In to Blended Learning from March 24- April 9:

Beginning Wednesday, March 24, you can visit the Learning Preference Survey to select blended learning for your child. Families can also call 311.
Last Day: You can change to blended learning until Friday, April 9.

You ONLY need to fill out the Learning Preference Survey if you are currently Remote and want your child to come to in-person learning. If you do not fill out the survey, your child remains remote.

Classes that are currently in Split A/B sessions MAY be combined to 5 days IF capacity spacing allows this. More information will come in April.

When can students come into PS101?

Students who opt into blended learning during this opt-in window will return to buildings in April (date to be determined)

Requirements for Returning to the School Building
Please note that if you select blended learning for your child, you must submit the consent form for random
COVID-19 testing by the first day your child begins in-person learning
. You can submit your consent for testing
one of two ways:
-Through your New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) under ‘Manage Account’, or
-Complete and sign the consent form available here and bring it to PS101 on the first day they are back in the school building.

Families that select blended learning must have their child attend in person on days they are scheduled
to do so
or they will be switched to remote.

All of our strong health and safety practices—including wearing masks, hand hygiene, weekly random testing
for COVID-19, physical distancing, and more will continue.



Return to Blended Learning November 30-December 4

Dear PS 101 Families-

If you filled out the form last week requesting your child return to Blended in-person learning, on Monday November 23rd, you will receive a call from your child’s teacher informing you of which Cohort your child is being placed in (A, B or C).
*Please note we do try our best to ensure siblings are coming on the same Cohort day.
**Due to class size limits and Social distancing, we cannot take requested for a specific cohort.

The start date for students who filled out the form and are approved for returning to Blended in-person learning is the week of November 30- December 4th, dependent on which Cohort A, B, or C your child is placed in.

Important Reminders:

  1. Visit this link to see the Blended in-person Learning Calendar and required Health information.
  2. Watch this video which explains morning arrival including using the health Screening App, and
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: If your child or a household member is not feeling well or has any COVID like symptoms including a fever, chills, loss of taste or smell, etc, the child is not permitted to come to school as per the NYCDOE Health Screener which must be filled out daily before coming to school.

What is policy on students returning from being absent or who sent home with COVID related symptoms? 

Any individual (student or staff member) showing signs of COVID-19 can only return to
school when all the following conditions are met:
If a student Received a positive COVID-19 test AND
o Isolated for 10 days AND
o Presents clearance from a healthcare provider AND
o The individual has been symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication.
If a student Received a negative COVID-19 test AND
o Presents clearance from a healthcare provider AND
o The individual has been symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication.
If a student Never got a COVID-19 test AND
o At least 10 days have passed since symptoms started AND
o Presents clearance from a healthcare provider AND
o The individual has been symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication.