Principal Korrol Video: September 2020 School Opening Possibilities

Greetings 101 Families-

As we are all curious about If and How school may open in September, please watch this video from me where I explain the possibilities the NYCDOE is considering.
*Please note this is the same information that was presented during the June 16th PTA mtg

After watching the video, please fill out these two surveys:

  1. For the NYC Dept of Education: Survey #1
  2. For Principal Korrol and the PS 101 Community to hear your feedback: Survey #2

Next steps for September 2020 and PTA Mtg Tomorrow

Greetings 101 Parents –

As the NYC Department of Education begins rolling out possible plans for opening schools in September, I need your feedback as to how to make the proposed options successful and what challenges it will cause for you.

First step: Join us for the PTA meeting tomorrow June 16th at 11am using this link where Principal Korrol will discuss the options being considered for September opening of school.
You may use the link above or you can use Zoom information:
Meeting ID: 897 2534 7888
Password: 061620

Second step: Read this letter from the Chancellor: Update for Families_June 12 2020

Third Step: Do this before June 22—>> Complete the Parent Feedback Survey Regarding September Opening  (you can read More information is available at, where translations of the letter will also be available in the coming days.

Thank you for your support and feedback as we plan to make September 2020 the best and safest opening possible.