4th and 5th Grade students- we need your help!

To the outstanding 4th and 5th Grade students at PS 101-

We would love your help!!!

It’s your turn to be the teacher 🙂

With your parent’s permission, if you would like to record yourself reading a book for our younger students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 2 and do a read-aloud just like your teachers always did for you and your class, I will post your videos for our younger kids to see.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ask your parent permission to do this activity and ask them to record you.
  2. Practice reading a book in the same way your teachers did (read a page then show the picture).
  3. When ready, have your parent introduce you (by first name only) and then record you reading.
    ****if your parent doesn’t introduce you, I cannot post the video****
  4. Either post the video on Instagram with #PS101readaloud or upload the video to your ps101k Google Drive and share the link with me (gkorrol@ps101k.com).
  5. I will share your read-aloud with our PS 101 families.

Together- we are going to make this learning experience incredible!


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