Summer Rising (Summer School)

Greetings PS101 Families-

As a reminder, you can now register for the Summer Rising program .

PS 101’s building is closed for the summer due to construction.

PS 101’s Summer program will be housed at PS 216 for the Summer program. We are still awaiting a lot of details about bussing, services for students with IEPs (which may not happen) and are also still awaiting for PS216 to be listed as a Summer School Site.

There is a form in the link for parents to fill out requesting the site be made available as soon as possible so you can register your child.

DIY Option: As always, PS101 will still post a summer track of work for parents who want their child to have practice over the summer from home, reinforce their skills, and prepare for the next grade. I-Ready activities will also be available.


Summer Rising (Summer School)

Dear PS 101 Families:

As part of a Chancellor’s Initiative, Summer School (called Summer rising) is optional for students, meaning anyone can send their child and is an In-Person experience (no remote).

PS101’s building will not be open. Our students will attend Summer School at PS 216 located at 350 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11223 and students must attend a full day from 8am – 6pm.

Summer Rising Grades K-8

Summer Rising is New York City’s free summer program for any City child in grades K–8, including students with disabilities, who wants to participate.

We are planning the City’s most exciting summer ever! For the first time, we will fully integrate the strengths of DOE academics with the Department of Youth & Community Development’s (DYCD) school-based enrichment programming. Students in grades K–8 will get outside, learn, and engage with peers and caring adults in safe, supervised, and enriching ways.

All K–8 students participating in programs will have access to academic classes and enrichment programming, including field trips, arts activities and outdoor recreation. Students will engage in daily community building and social emotional learning activities.

Summer Rising will address academic and social emotional needs of our youth through tailored support. These programs will provide a bridge to next school year and allow students to reconnect with one another and with their schools.

Program Overview

  • Summer Rising will be available in every neighborhood.
  • All programs will be run by local school leaders and trusted community-based organizations.
  • Summer Rising programs are full day and in-person experiences
  • All programs will create a bridge back to school in the fall and give parents peace of mind as they return to work.
  • The environment will be safe and supportive. Staff members are prepared to respond to children’s social and emotional needs.
  • Summer programs will offer academic support, arts, recreation, and social-emotional support.
  • There will be local field trips to parks, pools, and other enriching outdoor venues that are educational and in accordance with State health and safety guidelines.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and a snack will be served to each student.

Health and Safety

All programs will follow rigorous health and safety protocols, including social distancing and mask wearing. All locations will have access to testing, nursing support and a telehealth call center.

More information about testing protocols and health policies for summer will be available soon on the DOE’s COVID-19 Information and Updates page.

Summer Rising Calendar

  • Grades K-5
    • July 6 to August 20 (except July 20)
    • Monday–Friday
    • 8 AM–6 PM

For Summer Rising programs (grades K-8) families can sign up through the Discover DYCD website(Open external link) starting on Monday, April 26.

Learn more about Summer Rising and have all your questions answered (translations available too)

PS 101 Summer Work (August 2020 Expectations)

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As we head into August, I am asking you to shift your child’s full focus onto iReady, both Math and ELA.

iReady is great because it will adjust automatically to your child’s level (assuming you do not help them, which will actually hurt their progress) and then build their skills slowly from there. Additionally, we get to see their progress and it will help us plan for September and the coming school year.

Your child should do a minimum of 3 hours a week (90 min in each subject), but my request and recommendation is a daily interaction of at least 30-45min in each subject at least 4 days a week.

I am asking you to put your full focus on iReady instruction for the remainder of the summer.
We will be tracking usage and results.

Thank you


Letter from the Chancellor regarding Summer School 2020

Greetings Parents-

Some things you should understand regarding Summer School.

  1. Summer School is Remote Learning, not in school.
  2. Summer School is not enrichment or to support continued learning. It is specifically for students who are not on level and are recommended by necessity to be able to continue on to the next grade.
  3. Summer School is not taught by PS 101 teaching staff.


Letter from the Chancellor:

Dear Families,

Earlier this week, we announced our plans for summer learning, to ensure that our students can continue to engage and receive the academic supports they need to be ready for returning to school in the fall. We are writing to you today with an update on the summer calendar, informed by feedback from DOE communities.

For elementary and middle school students who are required or recommended to attend summer school, the program will start one week earlier and will run from Monday, July 6 – Tuesday, August 11. There is no change to the duration or structure of the program.

For high school students who are attending summer school, courses will also start one week earlier and will run from Monday, July 6 – Friday, August 14. There is no change to the duration or structure of this program either.

For students with 12-month Individualized Education Plan (IEPs) services, there will be no change to the calendar. Our teachers start on Wednesday, July 1 and students are expected to participate from Thursday, July 2–Thursday, August 13.

These changes will help accelerate learning for all students. Beginning summer school earlier—closer to the end of the regular school year—allows for continuous learning for students. Concluding programs earlier also allows more time for continuous rest for your family in the month of August.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and flexibility as we adapt to this crisis in real time. Nothing is more important than the health, safety, and continued academic success of your child: we thank you for your partnership in this important endeavor now more than ever.


Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education

Update on Summer School

From the Chancellor:

May 19, 2020

Dear Families,

We know that the COVID-19 crisis and the unexpected shift to remote learning in the second half of the school year have presented challenges for many families all across the City. The strength, perseverance, and dedication of our 1.1 million students and the staff and families who support them day after day continues to amaze me. We have continually evolved our policies to meet this unprecedented time, developing and in some cases entirely reinventing them to support our students and families. Today we are writing to share an update on summer school.

In continued adherence to federal, State, and City health guidelines, we are adapting our summer school model for summer 2020. This year, we will offer summer school via remote instruction, allowing us to provide more students than ever before with the academic supports they need and a bridge from this school year to the next. In addition to academic instruction, students participating in these summer school programs will also have opportunities to go on self-paced virtual field trips and engage in daily social-emotional learning activities.

Who in grades 3-8 will attend summer school?

Students in grades 3–8 who are not promoted in June will be required to attend summer school. They will participate in six weeks of remote instruction from Monday, July 13 – Tuesday, August 18.

Some students in grades 3–8 who are promoted in June may also be recommended by their teacher for additional academic support over the summer. They will participate in six weeks of remote instruction from Monday, July 13 – Tuesday, August 18.

Your school will notify you in June if your child is required or recommended to participate in summer learning programs.

Who in grades 9-12 will attend summer school?

Students in grades 9–12 who receive a grade of Course in Progress, or who need to retake a course they have failed in a prior term, will participate in remote instruction for the course(s) in which they need to earn credit. Remote instruction will run from Monday, July 13 –Friday, August 21.

Your school will notify you in June if your child is required or recommended to participate in summer learning programs.

What about students with 12-month Individualized Education Program (IEP) services?

Students in all grades with 12-month IEPs will participate in remote summer programming from Wednesday, July 1–Thursday, August 13. All students who are receiving or are eligible to receive these services will be contacted by their school shortly.

Your child’s academic success is of utmost importance. To ensure that students across the city receive the support they need this summer, we are dedicating all of our efforts to providing mandatory and recommended summer learning programs, and we will not be operating elective Summer Academy and school-based enrichment programs this year. We will continue to share resources and summer-specific activities at in the coming weeks so that all students can find new and exciting ways to continue their learning this summer.

We always say that New York City has the best students, staff, and families in the world, and nothing will ever change that. You continue to prove this day after day. Thank you.


Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education