PS 101 Summer Work (updated and working!!!) _7/7/20

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As promised, we have created a summer track of learning for all of our students who are going into Kindergarten- 5th Grade this September.

Directions: Each link below takes you to one packet which contains 6 weeks worth of work. You can save the link to your computer or print it out. The work is labeled week #1, week#2, etc for 6 weeks.

Remember, while this is not required, it is highly suggested you ensure your child is actively working through the summer to ensure they are ready for September. The work is designed to be self paced and can be done in most cases with parent assistance.
*Teachers are not available over the summer.


  1. Talk to your child about summer work so they understand the reason they need to do it- like exercise for their brain.
  2. Use the link below and save and/or print the work.
  3. Create a schedule your child so they know what needs to be done each day/week.
  4. My suggestion, and what I do with my own daughter, is we created a schedule from 9am-11am Monday- Thursday for her summer work, that way she feels that it’s not too much and still has a large portion of the day to relax.

Summer Links (click the link for the Grade your child is entering in September 2020):

Kindergarten summer packet coverletter
Kindergarten_ summerpacket

Grade 1_ 1st Grade Summer Work Pacing
Grade 1_ Summer Work

Grade 2_ Summer Packet
Grade 2_ Incoming 2nd grade Letter_Schedule 2020 (1)

Grade 3_ Summer2nd(Revised)
Grade 3_Incoming 3rd Graders Summer Packet Letter (1)

Grade 4_ Summer Work 2020
Grade 4_ -Summer-Packet-Product (Original Slides)

Grade 5_ – 5th Grade Summer Packet

Gr 5 Special Ed Summer_Summer_Packet

Mandarin Language Grade 1- Chinese Summer Packet
Mandarin Language Grade 3- Chinese Summer Packet
Mandarin Language Grade 2- Chinese Summer Packet

Gym_ ActiveHome_3-5_A
Gym_ ActiveHome_3-5_B
Gym_ ActiveHome_3-5_C
Gym_ ActiveHome_K-2_A
Gym_ ActiveHome_K-2_B
Gym_ ActiveHome_K-2_C
Gym_ FitnessBingo

Music_ Summer Activities

Drama 3-5 Shadow Puppetry
Drama 3-5 Shadow Puppetry
Drama K-2 Creating Character

Science Describing Matter Grade 3-5
Science Human Health Grade 3-5
Science Matter Grade K-2
Science Ramps Grade k-2
Science Sound Grade k-2
Science Water Pollution Grades3-5

STEM_ Tech Grades 3-5- Labyrinth Challenge
STEM_ Tech Grades 3-5- Plan a Trip Using a Budget
STEM_ Tech Grades 3-5- Smithsonian Museum Scavenger Hunt
STEM_ Tech Grades K-2 Antoni Gaudi STEM Challenge
STEM_ Tech Grades K-2 Block Building STEM Challenge
STEM_ Tech Grades K-2 GumDrop Tower Building Challenge
STEM_ Tech all grades- Smithsonian Museum Scavenger Hunt

Speech and Language development_ entering_1st_summer_questions
Speech and Language development_ entering_2nd_summer_questions
Speech and Language development_ entering_3rd_summer_questions
Speech and Language development_ entering_4th_summer_questions
Speech and Language development_ entering_5th_summer_questions
Speech and Language development_ Speech End of the Year HW

Additionally, you have free access to these apps and learning tools until August 31.  These resources can be accessed by families and teachers via TeachHub. using your student account.

  • Actively Learn
  • Discovery Ed
  • Edison Learning
  • Edmentum
  • First in Math
  • i-Ready
  • Imagine Learning & Literacy
  • Imagine Learning: Math
  • Lexia: Core5
  • Lexia: PowerUp Literacy
  • MyOn
  • NaliniKids
  • NatGeo: Inside
  • NatGeo: Reach
  • Nearpod
  • New Visions
  • New York Public Library
  • Pearson
  • Perfection Learning
  • Rosetta Stone Foundations
  • ST Math
  • Teaching Matters: Elementary
  • Teaching Matters: Middle School

Letter from the Chancellor regarding Summer School 2020

Greetings Parents-

Some things you should understand regarding Summer School.

  1. Summer School is Remote Learning, not in school.
  2. Summer School is not enrichment or to support continued learning. It is specifically for students who are not on level and are recommended by necessity to be able to continue on to the next grade.
  3. Summer School is not taught by PS 101 teaching staff.


Letter from the Chancellor:

Dear Families,

Earlier this week, we announced our plans for summer learning, to ensure that our students can continue to engage and receive the academic supports they need to be ready for returning to school in the fall. We are writing to you today with an update on the summer calendar, informed by feedback from DOE communities.

For elementary and middle school students who are required or recommended to attend summer school, the program will start one week earlier and will run from Monday, July 6 – Tuesday, August 11. There is no change to the duration or structure of the program.

For high school students who are attending summer school, courses will also start one week earlier and will run from Monday, July 6 – Friday, August 14. There is no change to the duration or structure of this program either.

For students with 12-month Individualized Education Plan (IEPs) services, there will be no change to the calendar. Our teachers start on Wednesday, July 1 and students are expected to participate from Thursday, July 2–Thursday, August 13.

These changes will help accelerate learning for all students. Beginning summer school earlier—closer to the end of the regular school year—allows for continuous learning for students. Concluding programs earlier also allows more time for continuous rest for your family in the month of August.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and flexibility as we adapt to this crisis in real time. Nothing is more important than the health, safety, and continued academic success of your child: we thank you for your partnership in this important endeavor now more than ever.


Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education

Update on Summer School

From the Chancellor:

May 19, 2020

Dear Families,

We know that the COVID-19 crisis and the unexpected shift to remote learning in the second half of the school year have presented challenges for many families all across the City. The strength, perseverance, and dedication of our 1.1 million students and the staff and families who support them day after day continues to amaze me. We have continually evolved our policies to meet this unprecedented time, developing and in some cases entirely reinventing them to support our students and families. Today we are writing to share an update on summer school.

In continued adherence to federal, State, and City health guidelines, we are adapting our summer school model for summer 2020. This year, we will offer summer school via remote instruction, allowing us to provide more students than ever before with the academic supports they need and a bridge from this school year to the next. In addition to academic instruction, students participating in these summer school programs will also have opportunities to go on self-paced virtual field trips and engage in daily social-emotional learning activities.

Who in grades 3-8 will attend summer school?

Students in grades 3–8 who are not promoted in June will be required to attend summer school. They will participate in six weeks of remote instruction from Monday, July 13 – Tuesday, August 18.

Some students in grades 3–8 who are promoted in June may also be recommended by their teacher for additional academic support over the summer. They will participate in six weeks of remote instruction from Monday, July 13 – Tuesday, August 18.

Your school will notify you in June if your child is required or recommended to participate in summer learning programs.

Who in grades 9-12 will attend summer school?

Students in grades 9–12 who receive a grade of Course in Progress, or who need to retake a course they have failed in a prior term, will participate in remote instruction for the course(s) in which they need to earn credit. Remote instruction will run from Monday, July 13 –Friday, August 21.

Your school will notify you in June if your child is required or recommended to participate in summer learning programs.

What about students with 12-month Individualized Education Program (IEP) services?

Students in all grades with 12-month IEPs will participate in remote summer programming from Wednesday, July 1–Thursday, August 13. All students who are receiving or are eligible to receive these services will be contacted by their school shortly.

Your child’s academic success is of utmost importance. To ensure that students across the city receive the support they need this summer, we are dedicating all of our efforts to providing mandatory and recommended summer learning programs, and we will not be operating elective Summer Academy and school-based enrichment programs this year. We will continue to share resources and summer-specific activities at in the coming weeks so that all students can find new and exciting ways to continue their learning this summer.

We always say that New York City has the best students, staff, and families in the world, and nothing will ever change that. You continue to prove this day after day. Thank you.


Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education