The 101 Experience: Where Kids Thrive!

School Visit Celebration

Dear PS 101 Families-

Today we had a visit from the First Deputy Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer for NYC. They came specifically to see what makes #PS101 so #successful at a time when most #schools are struggling.

During the visit they spoke with Principal #Korrol and visited several #classrooms to learn about our online #instruction, how we are tracking and #assessing our #students, the engagement of our students, how our students were working with #technology in #education, etc.

I’m happy to tell you that the NYC officials were very impressed with our school, classrooms and students and amazed at the confidence with which our staff and students use technology in education.

I’m sharing this with you because we all have a lot to be thankful for and proud of when it comes to the amazing staff of PS 101.

I personally want to thank you our #teachers for doing such great work with our students and for continuing to ensure they have a successful education in creating the #ps101experience.

With appreciation,


Need Help: Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear PS 101 families:

In order to promote a culture of appreciation and celebration of teacher dedication, we need the PS 101 Community, including students, families, and support staff, to celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 48; this includes National Teacher Day on May 5.

You can celebrate teachers by:

I am very proud of our teaching staff- they are the reason PS 101 is a Rewards school and celebrated by NYC and NYS.

Show them your love,