The “new” PS 101

P.S. 101 Verrazano School (BROOKLYN, NY)

As you know, we are currently under construction. Above are two images of what the “new” PS101 extension and school building will look like. Construction is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2020.

The picture on the left shows our new main entrance which will be located on 24th Avenue. The entry from the sidewalk consists of a building inset that provides space for a entry plaza that incorporates wheelchair accessibility and weather protection.

The picture on the right shows a view from our school yard. The new extension on the right side of the picture shows a fenced in roof-top play yard, and will include rooms dedicated to art, dance, a new library, new pre-k classrooms and more! The smaller building in the center, with all the glass windows, is our brand new cafeteria, with its own roof-top play yard.