Math Tutorial Videos


Based on my conversations with parents during my “Coffee with Korrol” meetings, many of you indicated needing assistance with Math. As was stated by one parent, “I know how to solve the problem the way I was taught, but now my child is expected to use various strategies. I don’t know all the strategies and that’s where I need help.”

In order to assist, I worked with a few staff members to create mini-instructional videos/tutorials to help you with some of the math. Your child can also review the videos as a tutorial as well. Over time, we will continue to add more. Hope this helps!

4th Grade – Lesson 1.2 Reading and Writing Numbers (Expanded, Standard, and Word Forms):

4th Grade – Lesson 1.3 Ordering and Comparing Whole Numbers (Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To):

4th Grade – Lesson 1.4 Rounding Whole Numbers (up to 6-digits):

4th Grade – Lesson 1.6 Adding Whole Numbers (up to 6-digits):

4th Grade – Lesson 2.1 Multiplication Comparisons (solving for n):

4th Grade – Lesson 2.2 Multiplication and Additive Comparisons (solving for n):

4th Grade – Lesson 3.1 Multiplying by Tens:

4th Grade – Lesson 3.2 Estimating Products (the answer to a multiplication problem):

4th Grade – Lesson 2.6 Multiplying Using Expanded Form:

4th Grade – Lesson 4.4 Divide Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands:

4th Grade – Lesson 4.5 Estimating Quotients Using Compatible Numbers:

4th Grade – Lesson 4.7 Divide Using Repeated Subtraction:

4th Grade – Lesson 2.3 Multiplying Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands:

4th Grade – Lesson 2.4 Multiplying With Estimation and Checking For Reasonableness:

4th Grade – Lesson 2.5 Multiplying Using the Distributive Property:

4th Grade – Lesson 3.3 Multiplying Using the Area Model and Partial Products:

4th Grade – Lesson 3.5 Multiplying With Regrouping:

4th Grade – Lesson 3.6 Multiplying Using Partial Products:

4th Grade – Lesson 4.2 Using Models to Divide Whole Numbers:

2nd Grade – Lesson 5.1 Breaking Apart Ones to Subtract:

2nd Grade – Lesson 6.2 Three-Digit Addition, Breaking Apart Addends:

2nd Grade – Lessons 7.1 and 7.2 Finding the Value of Coins by Skip Counting

2nd Grade – Lesson 7.3 Finding the Value of Coins by Sorting:

2nd Grade – Lesson 7.5 Counting Time To The Minute:

2nd Grade – Lesson 7.8 Identifying and Recording Time To The Hour:

2nd Grade – Lesson 7.10 Telling Time in Different Ways

2nd Grade – Lesson 11.2 Identifying and Describing 3D Shapes (vertex, edge, face):

2nd Grade – Lesson 10.3 Using a Tally Chart and Picture Graph:

2nd Grade – Lesson 10.4 Using A Bar Graph to Show Data:

2nd Grade – Lesson 10.6 Using Bar Graphs to Analyze Data:

2nd Grade – Lesson 6.7 Subtraction with 3-Digit Numbers (Regrouping Hundreds and Tens Place):

2nd Grade – Lesson 8.1 Measuring to the Nearest Inch (Customary Unit):

2nd Grade – Lesson 9.1 Measuring to the Nearest Centimeter (Metric System):

2nd Grade – Lesson 9.7 Using Customary and Metric Units to Measure Length (What Tools Do We Use?):

1st Grade – Lesson 8.5 Two-Digit Addition Using Math Models: