Soft Lockdown Drill

Please be advised we entered into a soft  lockdown DRILL today.

Please note the MAJOR difference this year in these drills is under normal circumstances, students move into a corner of the room where they cannot be seen from the window, however, due to Social Distancing guidelines, we are following all procedures EXCEPT students will remain at their desks to ensure safe distancing.

As per DOE requirements, we are to do 4 drills per year. I am happy to inform you that everything was very swift and everyone (staff and students) responded perfectly according to our protocol. Thank you to the staff and students.

Dogs are not permitted around arrival or Dismissal areas

As per the safety of the students, staff and parents, we are asking that you keep dogs away from all dismissal areas. Remember, while we all love our dogs, you cannot always predict their behavior and additionally, some children are frightened of dogs, thus we must ensure safety and well-being of all of our students first.

Please be sure to have your dog on a leash at all times and away from all dismissal areas. We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter in providing our students with safe dismissal procedures. 

Thank you for your cooperation.