PS 101 Grading Policy

PS 101 Grading Policy

P.S. 101 is dedicated to the advancement of all students on their way to becoming college and career ready. This document serves as our written transparent grading policy to inform students and families about how grades are earned. This document outlines how courses are graded, the scale of marks awarded and when and how often student receive grades. 

PS 101 Grading Scale:

Grades K-5
ME: “Mastery-Exceeds” Standards (95-100) = 4 by NYS Standards
MA: “Mastery-Above” Standards (85-94) = a mid-high 3 by NYS Standards
MT: “Mastery-Meets” Standards (75-84) = a low-mid 3 by NYS Standards
MP: “Mastery-Approaching” Standards (65-74) = 2 by NYS Standards
MB: “Mastery-Below Standards (64 or less) – 1 by NYS Standards

Timeline: Students will receive grades three times per year, November, March, and June via report cards in every course. Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to speak to their child’s teacher about grades during the Parent Teacher Conferences.

Marks awarded: The minimum grade a student must receive to pass a course is Mastery Approaching (MA is approaching, but not on grade level). Grades are cumulative and show students’ progress throughout the year.

Grades K-2 Grading Rubric  
Assessments/Tests     40%
Classwork                   30%
Participation              20%
Homework                 10%

Grades 3-5 Grading Rubric
Assessments/Tests     60%
Classwork                    20%
Participation               10%
Homework                  10%

Our grading policy applies to all students, including Students with Disabilities (SWD) and English Language Learners (ELLs). Please note all students, regardless of being an ELL or SWD*, are held to Grade Level Standards.
*ELL/ESL/ENL are synonymous.
The new term for ESL/ELL is ENL (English as a New Language)

*Students with disabilities-annual goals, plans for progress monitoring, and promotion criteria are document in the IEP, while the report card documents progress made in the general education curriculum. All students, including students with disabilities, receive grades based on how well they master the Grade Level subject matter, concepts, content, and skills addressed in a subject. The IEP describes specially designed instruction and accommodations for an individual student that is used to create access to grade-level standards and enable progress toward annual goals.