What types of programs does PS 101 have?

Specialty Programs at PS 101

Special Education

There are 3 categories of classrooms: GE (General Education), ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching), and Self-Contained. We have 6 classes on every grade and between 1-4 ICT classes as a part of the 6 classes (changes yearly). Students will have both experiences of GE and ICT classrooms during their time at PS 101.

  • What is a General Education Classroom?
    A GE classroom has one teacher with students that are above grade level, on grade level or approaching grade level. Students who are approaching grade level may or may not have an IEP (Individualized Education program) and receive support services in one of several ways: a Special Ed support teacher may push-in, meaning co-teach in the classroom for part of the day or a teacher may pull some students out of the classroom for small group skill building. Additionally, there will be students with other services such as Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, or Physical Therapy and the teacher may remain in the classroom to assist the student or pull them out depending on their required number of sessions per week.
  • What is an Integrated Co-Teaching Classroom?
    An ICT classroom has two teachers with 60% of the class that are above grade level or on grade level and 40% of the class who are approaching grade level. Students who are approaching grade level have an IEP (Individualized Education program) which allows for extra support in the classroom. Hence, instead of students being pulled our or pushed in like the GE class, the second teacher remains in classroom all the time and co-teaches with the GE teacher. Please note both teachers will work equally with the class to help all students as needed, including those who are exceeding grade level.

The key to note between the two classes above is they move forward together through the curriculum at the same pace.

  • What is a Self-Contained Classroom?
    A Self-Contained classroom is a small class with no more than 12 students who are multiple years behind grade level. These students all have an IEP and the small group design is present to help them catch up to grade level. Hence these students are still expected to work at their grade level and the teacher is responsible for providing more differentiation and scaffolds (building steps) to help them get on grade level.

ENL -English as a New Language (ENL, ESL, ELL)

As a parent, you play a key role in determining the program that best matches the academic and cultural needs of your child. We look forward to working with you to make those decisions and appreciate your participation in your child’s education. Feel free to ask parent coordinators and staff members about ELL programs.
  • (including the Home Language Identification Survey, Parent Survey and Program Selection Forms, useful resources from the ELL Parent Information Case and other important notifications to parents of ELLs.) View the NYS Guide here.

Dual Language Mandarin

Students take part in a specialized classroom where a portion of the day is taught in Mandarin. This includes both learning Mandarin language, as well as learning other subjects (ex: Math) in Mandarin.