Lock down today- Everything is OK

Please be advised we entered into a lock down today because a door alarm went off.

As you are aware, safety is our #1 priority at PS 101. A parent exited the building through an alarmed door. Once the parent heard the alarm, she walked back into the building to exit through the main entrance.

Even though it was obviously a parent of ours, we ensure student safety by holding a lock down and sweeping the building (checking every room, bathroom, closet, etc) to ensure no one is in the school that shouldn’t be.

I want to convey how proud I am of our staff and students for taking proper action and following all protocols.


Welcome Kindergarten September 2019!

In advance, we welcome all our future Kindergartners to PS101!!

Registration begins April 8. Please call the school (718-372-0221) to make an appointment, especially if you need a translator (which we have).

Bring your child and all required documents to pre-registration – use this checklist to learn what you need to bring:

Pre-Registration Checklist — English

Pre-Registration Checklist — Spanish
Pre-Registration Checklist — Chinese

Pre-Registration Checklist — Russian
Pre-Registration Checklist — Urdu

Pre-Registration Checklist — Arabic

Pre-Registration Checklist — French

Pre-Registration Checklist — Korean

    We will have a meeting with all new Kindergarten parents sometime in late May/June. We are excited to meet you!!

What’s For Lunch Today?

Have you ever wondered what P.S.101 will be serving your child to eat?

Did you know you can learn what your child is having for breakfast or lunch everyday in any NYC school?

This is great information for any parent, especially if there are particular foods your child doesn’t like to eat or has an allergy.


Use the following link to see the daily and monthly school food menu. There’s even an app!

School Breakfast/Lunch Menu

School Lunch App (App Store for Mac users)

School Lunch App (Google Play Story for Android users)

*Please note the Office of School Food is in charge of the menu and choices, not PS 101. Menu options may change without notice.