Weekly In-School COVID-19 Testing Begins

Dear PS 101 Families-

As per the Governor’s announcement, NYC schools must do weekly COVID19 testing where a random sample of staff and students will be tested (approx. 10%) every week. Testing began in all NYC schools this past week, and they have not come to PS101 this week to test yet.

How does testing work?

The test is a short Qtip that is inserted into the nose, which you can self-administer, and is approx. 5 swirls around the inside of each nostril.

When testing happens in PS 101, we will be using the back of the Auditorium for testing. PS101 staff members will be assigned to pick up the child from class, bring them to the auditorium, then return them to class.

How Do I consent for my child to get tested?

Please be advised that you can now consent to in-school COVID19 testing using your Health Screen App/website – the same one you use in the morning to do your Daily Health Screener. On the top of the page after logging in, you will see a button labeled “consent.”
Visit https://mystudent.nyc/ and click Consent.

What happens if I don’t sign consent or my child is too scared to take the test?

Please be advised, while a parent can decide not to sign consent for their child to be tested, it may lead to the student having to be remote only as per the NYCDOE.

If a child is under duress (stressed, very upset, etc), the child will not be tested and the COVID testing team will try again the following week. If the child cannot be tested, again, it may lead to the student having to be remote only as per the NYCDOE

Thank you for your cooperation.


“Yellow” zone

Greetings PS 101 Families,

Going forward, a new cluster action initiative will be implemented to address COVID-19 hot spots in NYC. Our school, PS101, is located in one of these geographic areas identified as a “precautionary zone,” and NYC is carefully monitoring COVID-19 transmission rates in our geographic area. Additionally, NYC is working in partnership with the State to implement weekly COVID-19 testing for a random sample of students and staff in our school building. This testing will begin next week. 

Although there is no decision for our school building to close at this time, please see the attached letter from the NYCDOE (English version)
Translations will be available at schools.nyc.gov/messagesforfamilies. 

Additionally, you can use this map to find out what zone you are in by entering your address.


October 26-30 ONLY: Request to Change to Blended In-Person Learning

Greetings PS 101 Families-

For students who are currently Remote ONLY, between October 26-30, you will have the option to fill out the Learning Preference Survey (link will be available on October 26th) to request to switch to Blended in-Person Learning.

***If you select to switch to In-Person Learning, your child will begin School on November 16****

You DO NOT need to fill out the survey if you are keeping what you already have, meaning your child is staying REMOTE ONLY or is Currently coming to school

More information about the future windows to switch to Blended in-person learning in January and after can be found here


  • Please be advised we do not take requests for Groups- they are solely based on the number of students we can accommodate.
  • Your child’s teacher will be changed if you switch to in-person learning.
  • If students who are currently Remote switch to Blended learning, there will be changes that may effect everyone’s current student groupings and the teacher your child currently has.
  • You can switch to Remote Learning at any time


Free and low-cost Internet Options

More information can be found here:

Free Options

Here are NYC resources for various free wifi options throughout the City, along with the CV19 specific offers being extended by the carriers to families.

Altice (aka Optimum) offers a plan beginning $14.99/month plan called Altice Advantage 

  • Eligible for or participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP); or a New York City resident and attends a New York City public school; or eligible for or receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and 65 years of age or older; or a veteran and receive state or federal public assistance. 

Charter (aka Spectrum) offers a plan beginning at $14.99/month called Spectrum Internet Assist  

  • One or more members of your household must be a recipient of one of the following assistance programs: 
  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP) 
  • Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP 
  • Supplemental Security Income (for applicants age 65+ only) 

Verizon offers the Lifeline program, its Fios broadband internetservice beginning at $19.99 per month for 200 Mpbs, plus taxes and equipment charges. This offer includes a year of free Disney+ and no router or rental fees for two months. 

  • Here Are The Ways You Can Qualify For Lifeline: 
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps 
  • Medicaid 
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) 
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit 
  • Tribal Programs (and live on federally-recognized Tribal lands)

School Closures

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As you may have heard, Governor Cuomo just announced they are closing schools in 9 zip codes, which does include many of our neighboring schools in the District.

However, PS 101 is NOT in one of the zip codes being closed at this time.
PS101 will be open tomorrow
(unless announced otherwise).
As a reminder, PS 101 is located in zip code 11214.

While we will keep you up to date on information, it is important for you to watch the news as things change hourly.


Attendance/ Grading Policy

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As a reminder, your child must be present and interacting within Google Classroom. Attendance and interaction is part of the PS 101 Grading system and may account for up to 30% of a child’s grade.

Attendance is taken by 9:30am. If your child is not on Google Classroom and interacting in the live sessions, they will be marked absent unless we are notified by the parent on that day that there are technology issues.

Attendance is also taken throughout the day at each live session and with submission of work, which are both part of student grades in each subject.


Immunization Requirements 2020-2021

Dear PS 101 Families:

Please be advised, immunizations are a MUST.
If your child does not have proper immunizations, you will get a warning letter, and then 1 week to get the immunizations. If you still do not have your immunizations after the week, your child will not be permitted in school until they get the proper vaccines.

Please click this link and review the document of Immunization requirements for the school year.