A TOWN HALL EVENT with Chancellor Richard A. Carranza

Attention parents:
The Community Education Council for District 21 presents
All District 21 parents are urged to attend!
Wednesday, March 25
6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
(Edward R. Murrow)
1600 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Issues and concerns for District 21 will
be addressed.
**On site interpretation services will be available.**

Dismissal Advisory for Today

Please be advised there was an accident on 35th Street between Benson Avenue and 86th street. While this incident has nothing to do with our school (we are all safe and well), please note the police have closed off 35th street between Benson Ave and 86th street.

As we are approaching dismissal, please ensure to give yourself a little extra time to come down the block and I am asking you to quickly pick up your child and leave the immediate area so we can ensure a smooth dismissal.

Thank you,



Coronavirus update from the Dept of Health

Oxiris Barbot, MD

February 26, 2020

Dear Families,

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discussed possible options for what could happen if there is local person-to-person transmission of the novel coronavirus in the United States, including recommendations for school systems to consider.
At this time, it is important to listen to facts and not respond to fear. Currently there are no confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in New York City and the risk to New Yorkers remains low.
However, transmission of the virus in other countries has raised our level of concern, and we are preparing for the possibility of person-to-person transmission in New York City. The measures that are put in place should local person-to-person transmissions begin will depend on the number of individuals affected and the general severity of illness we experience in our city. The NYC Health Department is vigilantly preparing for all possible scenarios, and we will continue to monitor and communicate about any possible impact to our school communities.
There are no plans to close schools at this time. This is an extreme measure that can be disruptive to day-to-day life, and the decision to implement will be at the direction of public health experts.
All New Yorkers should continue to practice general flu prevention measures including:

• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or sleeve
• Wash your hands regularly
• Avoid touching your face
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick
• Get your flu shot – it’s never too late
• Stay home if you’re feeling sick. Call your doctor and let them know your symptoms and travel history.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions sheet attached to this letter for more information, or visit nyc.gov/health at any time for important updates.
We will continue to clearly communicate with our school communities about our ongoing efforts regarding the coronavirus.
Oxiris Barbot, MD
New York City Department of
Health and Mental Hygiene

Concerns regarding Corona Virus

Greetings everyone-

We have received calls from concerned parents regarding the Corona Virus. While I understand your concerns, please note that it’s the Department of Health and the Department of Education that make all the decisions related to health concerns and school admittance. We cannot exclude any student, etc from school unless a mandate is made. Right now, the only mandate is a self-restrictive quarantine from China that you already know about. Having said that, if your child isn’t feeling well, as always, we encourage you to keep your child home and/or see a doctor.

If any additional news is relayed by the Dept of Education, I will of course make you aware. If you have additional concerns, you may contact the 311 or listen to the news for updates.


Parent Surveys

Parent Surveys -Parent-Teacher Conferences clip art

PS 101

“Parents Make the Grade!”

February 12, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardian:

You can help raise PS 101’s school grade on the Progress Report by completing and returning the Parent Survey that will be given to your child in a green envelope today. This is your opportunity to tell the Department of Education how much you love all the wonderful things PS 101 does to support your child’s education and prepare them for the future.

The results are important to P.S 101’s overall success. We have an excellent return rate of surveys every year, but this year we would like to set a goal of 95% or higher in each classroom. Please take a few moments to thoroughly read each question so that the survey accurately reflects your opinion of our school. For example, whenever a parent “Strongly Agrees” with a statement our school receives 10 points for that answer but we only receive 6.6 points for an answer of “Agree’s”. All the points are added to receive the school’s average score.

Please have your child return the survey to their classroom teacher as soon as possible or kindly complete the survey on-line. Parent surveys must be completed and returned /submitted by March 31, 2020. If you love something we do, show it on the survey. The higher the grades you give, the higher our school grade can go!

Once you have completed this exciting task, your child will be rewarded with a FREE Full-Day NO homework PASS. Classes who have 100% completion will be awarded with the following reward:

  • 1st Class on the grade with full participation of returned surveys – PIZZA PARTY
  • 2nd Class on the grade with full participation of returned surveys – ICECREAM PARTY
  • 3rd Class on the grade with full participation of returned surveys – POPCORN PARTY

Again, your returning your survey praising PS 101 will directly raise our school grade. Let’s show why PS 101 is so wonderful! Thank you for supporting our school.

Please indicate how you will complete your child’s survey and return the slip to your child’s classroom teacher so we can reward your child with their HW Pass and class tally for party prizes.


Gregg Korrol, Principal

———————————————-RETURN SLIP— PARENT SURVEY—————————————-

Student Name: ____________________________________       Student Class: _______________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________

Check-Off on of the following:

_____  I completed and submitted my Parent Survey on-line.

_____  I completed and returned my Parent Survey to my child’s teacher.

_____  I completed and mailed my Parent Survey on my own.